Congratulations on taking the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle! The saying,  ‘Health is Wealth’ is absolutely true! Often times we only see the value in our health once it’s gone. Make the necessary changes today to live your best life! Find your ‘why’….why do you want to be healthy? Is it because you have children and you want to dance at their wedding one day? Or perhaps you always wanted to wear a two-piece swimsuit or that Speedo on the beach! How about your body is Gods temple and you only get one body? Whatever your reason, lets start today!

Trying to out-train a poor diet is an insane revolving door! No matter how hard you workout-if your nutrition is off balance, you will never see the results you deserve.


I have had clients come to me that appear to be perfectly healthy and have what society may deem as the perfect body, but they have zero energy, fatigued 24/7 and issues with poor digestion. Health is not measured by the scale or how you look in your clothes; its measured by how you feel and also measured by several other NSV (Non-scale victories)! How about clean bill of health from your doctor? Having more energy than you ever imagined? Even playing with your kids at the park instead of sitting on the sidelines watching them have fun. Have you ever heard of eating REAL FOOD to fuel your body and reach your goals? No special pills, protein shakes or gimmicks!


Ready for change? Well, the change starts with you! Having a made up mind and self determination! As for me, it began with watching a television series called ‘Made’ on the network MTV. I several episodes and finally decided that “today is my day to be ‘made'”…made into the person I once was and who I knew that I could become again with hardwork. A fit, active and energetic beautiful woman! Launching my real estate business led to several late night eating binges that got out of hand. Before I knew it, I had gained over 40 pounds, but did not see myself as heavy, fat or even overweight. I was perfectly fine with my weight and literally did not see myself and the excess pounds-even though I would look in the mirror each day. I loved my body and felt if anyone had issues with my weight, it was ‘their problem-not mine!’ I would see shirts I had worn for years-that over time became stretched out, but I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I need to stop washing this in my washing machine and handwash-the machine is stretching out my clothes!” In reality, I WAS STRETCHING OUT MY CLOTHES-not the washing machine! It took a long heartfelt conversation with a dear friend who was personal trainer to help me see that I needed to make healthier choices and cut out the late night binge sessions! I started working out with her and started seeing results! It felt great to be back in the zone, because for my entire life I had been active! From high school cheer-leading, volleyball player, drill team and more! Then, another trainer friend helped me learn about preparing my meals ahead of time and ‘staying ready’ to avoid making poor eating decisions throughout the day. It took years for me to get where I am today, but I am thankful and loving the lifestyle changes I’ve made and still continuing to learn more about  my body as it evolves and changes. My motto is: ‘take it day by day and bite by bite!’ I love helping others achieve maximum health, wellness and accomplish their lifestyle goals!




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