About Shannon

Shannon K. Byrdsong a.k.a YOUR ‘FIT’ REALTOR  is the founder and creator of ‘The Whole You: Being The Best You.’ She is a health and fitness enthusiast who has transformed her own life through lifestyle changes. Those changes have helped her reach optimal mental and physical health!

Shannon offers:

  • Goal-oriented meal plans that are quick and creative for those on the go and for those seeking long-term lifestyle changes!

  • Personal grocery shopping tours

  • In-home cooking and meal prep sessions

  • Partners you with fitness and health professionals that can service your mental and fitness needs.

  • Specializing in Low Carb, Ketogenic/LCHF, Juicing and overall optimal nutrition plans

Shannon is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska and attended the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF) her freshman year. She then transferred to The University of Oklahoma where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree through the school of Journalism in Public Relations. She went on to work for corporations such as Viking Appliances (Southeast Appliance Distributing), Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. and other high-end culinary related industries.

Having grown up with a father that was a farmer and the oldest of thirteen sibling; he had to learn quickly how to help provide for such a large family! He grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and learned at a young age how to farm, cook and clean and help raise his younger siblings! He was drafted at a young age in the U.S. Army and went on to become a decorated Sergeant Major and retired in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. He later went on the become a famous local chef and opened a barbecue restaurant called ‘Sweets Barbecue’! Having two parents  from the South; their passion for cooking and incorporating fresh garden-grown ingredients was a staple in our home! Growing up in Alaska, the long summers allowed for beautiful and flourishing gardens! Cabbage and squash grew so large that the State Fair competitions required a fork-lift  to haul them around!


(Alaska State Fair winners! Largest cabbage and squash!) 

Having grown up around such amazingly rich and delicious foods, her passion for cooking on grew! After making several healthy lifestyle changes, she went back to using fresh ingredients and shopping at her local farmers markets! He passion for cooking was revived and how she came to realize that she can make delicious foods that just HAPPEN TO BE HEALTHY!!

She later began her career as a successful real estate agent in the Atlanta area and was featured on several magazine covers, made television and radio appearances and created her own radio show, “The Real State of Real Estate with Shannon Byrdsong”.


She later went on to begin her endeavors in health and wellness coaching. She has even managed to link the two industries together! Offering her real estate buyer clients free cooking in-home sessions once they are settled in their new homes! She also went on to lead fitness boot-camps at her real estate office and offered ‘Healthy Happy-Hours’ once a month! These sessions offered Realtors a demonstration on how to cook healthy meals on-the-go that were quick and easy!

Even as a young girl in school, Shannon was always active! Involved in cheerleading, volleyball, band, drill team and more! And as you can see, a true daddy’s girl at heart!


Her love for health and fitness was always in the forefront of her mind as she grew into a young woman. As she transitioned from corporate America to owning her own business- late night eating and launching a new business packed on the pounds.

before after

Having worked with fitness trainers and a nutritionist throughout the years, Shannon had the tools she needed to make the necessary lifestyle changes; it was now time to apply all she had learned over the years! It was not until she had a made-up mind and determination to make it a lifestyle change. After making several small changes that added up; she was able to keep the weight off! She incorporated weight-lifting and implemented healthy eating choices to reach her goals; along with spiritual awareness and a growing self-love.

Shannon prides her business on the fact that she can teach others how to prepare healthy & quick meals that are fun and delicious and never have to compromise taste for health! Her business allows her to help clients incorporate healthy lifestyle changes while learning how to have a healthy relationship with food. Always encouraging clients to look inside to make positive changes throughout their entire life. The key is finding a balance between loving yourself, family, spiritual awareness and overall wellness. Learning how to be The Whole You…The Best You!




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