Yoga teacher, Cybele Steen


Meet Cybele Steen!

Registered Yoga Teacher (pronounced seeBELL)!

Yoga is about really living. Being alive. Discovering your true exquisite self. Expressing with your whole body and soul. If you want that, come train with me. I’ll take you there.


My style of yoga, breath-centered, one that resets your rhythms, finds your flow in a powerful way leaves you feeling strong, centered and inspired. I’ve been practicing and teaching since 2003 and have seen all the yoga fads. I’m interested in a sustainable, beneficial and enjoyable practice. One that makes you fall in love with yourself. I am a constant student. No, I’m a straight up geek.

I not only study yogic philosophy but cutting-edge anatomy, bio-mechanics, neural development, Meridian Theory, Thai Chi,  Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping. And anything else that enhances my knowledge and skills to be of service.

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